Good Morning,

I thought I would take this opportunity to say hello and explain a little bit about myself. I currently am a househusband and carer and have been for a few years now. My father was taken ill a number of years ago and with the passing of my mother I then became the main carer for my father. After long discussions with my wife it was decided that the best way forward for us as a family would be for her to switch to full time work and myself to become a househusband to allow me to be able to help with caring for my father and being around for when our three children need us (thankfully now they are getting to the age where they don’t need too much as long as food is on the table!).
Whilst doing the above I found myself with some spare time and over the last few months had really been trying to think of a way that I could use my time more productively. With past employment in a range of area’s including Administration, Customer Service, Sales and along with maintaining a website for a period of time and a few forums dabbling in design along the way, I stumbled across a website called People Per Hour and decided that it could be the right way and time to get back into the work that I used to do. This looked like the ideal way of maybe being able to work as well as being able to be there for my children and my father when needed.
When I started on PPH to be honest I was a little too enthusiastic and may have bid on projects that were not in the areas that I had the most experience in. Hopefully after a few weeks of putting proposals in I have now got a better idea of the projects that I should be aiming for and the ones not to even look at. I am thankful to the buyers that have already taken a gamble on me (because that’s what it must have been without having too much on my profile) and accepting proposals that I put in.
My first project was that of making a new Facebook page which I also offered to design a cover for the page and set up and link it to the twitter account. Also with doing this I gave full explanation to the buyer and advised of ways to update the status on the Facebook page or post pics and video’s, even though they do not have a Facebook account and have agreed to sit as long term admin on the page until they have another staff member that can do it.
My Second project was to design an e-book cover for Simon E Bond 2nd e-book, I submitted a proposal in line with his brief and was accepted, We communicated and I took any ideas or adjustments on board before we came to the finished cover which is within my Portfolio. (Simon’s first e-book can be found HERE)
I have been lucky enough to land a few database projects that I will be completing over the coming weeks and I am thankful to all of them for taking that chance on me. Now time for a little bit of relaxing time with the Children over the weekend before hitting the databases again.
Keep safe and thanks for reading

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