Busy few weeks of up’s and down’s, Started off with joy at nearly finishing the 2 database projects that I had been working on only for my hard drive to stop working and decide that it no longer wanted to play. This meant that due to being new to Freelance work I hadn’t thought about backing up projects online or via an external source mainly due to the fact that you think your Hard Drive will go on forever without any problems. Harsh Lesson learnt and a lot of hours down the drain and unfortunately having to cancel the 2 projects as well not a great start.

On a good note continuing small projects working with Author Simon E Bond and Wire Radio and building a great relationship with them both has been a major plus. From design work to helping with websites and Blog set ups it has allowed me the time to help them hopefully further advance their own projects which I am happy to be part of.

If you have read my previous blog you will no doubt have read that I have spent some time helping family friends with a new website for their fundraising adventures which I hope to be able to help out with more over the months and years to come. If you have not please check out their website Les Lavender Cancer Crusade helping to raise money for Cancer Research Wales.

Continuation of running the #AddaCharity twitter account and hopefully helping to spread the word of how easy it can be to help support Local Charities or Fundraising events within the area. By linking up those charities and fundraisers that wish for companies, businesses or freelancers to help promote them via their own websites. Or even encouraging those companies that already help support or hold events for charities to actually show it on their own website to help raise the awareness. If you are a Charity/Fundraiser or a Business/Freelancer that would like to help in some way or be helped please contact me by email so that i can try to help you out. I am willing to use my own time to try and help all parties connect even if it means using myself as the contact point to start off with. For more information on any of the above please check out my main website takingthestrain.co.uk

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