Afternoon All,

Can’t believe how time has passed over the last few months and I wish it was due to work that the time had passed. Having had to put work on hold for a few months due to my Father’s health problems I am hoping to be able to get things back on track by the start of August although I will only be taking on smaller or ongoing projects while my Father is still recovering.

So if you require some database updates or a bit of design work or even help with your website I am more than happy to help out. I will agree fees ideally when i have seen the project and all parties are happy, if not undertaken through PPH. I am happy to look at all work and would try to help Charities or charity events with discount work.

I am continuing to help maintain the Wire Radio’s website and would like to congratulate them on a great Southmead Festival in July.

Also would like to give a massive shout out to Wendy and Simon that managed to raise an amazing amount of £950.00 for Cancer Research Wales with Simon doing his Skydive at the end of May 2014. If you would like to find out more about their fundraising or pictures from the Skydive please take a look at the wesbite and give the facebook page a like well your at it, Well Done All.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me start out on my own and shown faith in me with the projects that i have carried out and hope that i will be able to complete many more in the future and build the solid business relationships that are needed for me to continue.

Hopefully updates will be a little more frequent when i get back in the routine and work starts to flow again.


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